On a lovely Thursday afternoon, myself, Brian and Colleen went to Lake Katherine in Palos Heights for some lovely observing of nature. We spent over an hour and a half hiking and enjoying the sounds of the nature around us. Although this was an assignment, I would go back and do it again. Coming to Lake Katherine in the fall was especially nice because of the colored leaves both on the trees and the crunch of those that have already fallen. Our experience included walking the mile long trail around the lake and also taking in the beauty of the waterfall. I absolutely loved the sounds of birds chirping, the sights of leaves changing, but I was not a fan of the mosquitoes. All in all, it was a great way to spend an afternoon. I hope others, not just envi sci students, can take the time to just enjoy the beauty of Lake Katherine like we did.

Brian loves nature?
Marry Me Olivia? -Love Mike

  In a recent study, it has been predicted that climate control has been proven to be rapidly increasing.  This is not good for any living creatures on this planet.  In the article it tells us the three options for organisms on earth: migrate, adapt, or go extinct.  Now, this last option may seem a bit harsh, but it is the truth.  Some living things, such as plants and trees physically can't move, what are they left to do?  Die.  With the rising issue of global warming and climate change, we must do everything in our own power to help. Scientists are now creating new technology to help preserve our wildlife who can't move out of the way for global warming to storm through.  Hopefully, with the creativity and ingenious of these scientists, we can save more and more trees.  They're like a modern day Lorax! :)

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Though we may think that we don't waste a lot of things, we never realize the other consequences to landfills: carbon dioxide.  According to this article, each person lets about 40,000 pounds of carbon dioxide off into the atmosphere.  We don't realize how much carbon dioxide one car ride, one plane ride, or one factory gives off, but in a matter of minutes, in a flight from Chicago to Salt Lake City, about 2,000 pounds of CO2 is let into the atmosphere.  Do we really want to know what happens when the atmosphere is only CO2?  I sure don't.  There are so many little things we can be doing to help this prevalent issue.  For example, take a bike or jog to your destination, yes it may take more time, but I would rather have clean air to run in!  The idea list goes on and on so I hope we can all take the steps necessary to being environmentally friendly, and CO2 free!

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I'm glad you enjoyed your experience! 50/50