Self Reflection Kaitlin Brown

A brief Summary of my career assessments

My Career Cluster Areas

My Top Matching Career Areas Included:

Health Science-  Jobs in the health science career cluster involve planning, managing, and providing diagnostic, therapeutic, supportive, and information and research services in health care.

Human Services-  Jobs in the human services career cluster involve tending to families and to human needs.

Architecture and Construction-  Jobs in the architecture and construction career cluster involve designing, planning, managing, building, and maintaining the built environment, including public spaces.

My Key Interests are- SIR

Social-  People with social interests like work activities that assist others and promote learning and personal development. They prefer to communicate more than to work with objects, machines, or data. They like to teach, to give advice, to help, or otherwise be of service to people.

Investigative- People with investigative interests like work activities that have to do with ideas and thinking more than with physical activity. They like to search for facts and figure out problems mentally rather than to persuade or lead people.

Realistic- People with realistic interests like work activities that include practical, hands-on problems and solutions. They enjoy dealing with plants, animals, and real-world materials, like wood, tools, and machinery. They enjoy outside work. Often people with realistic interests do not like occupations that mainly involve doing paperwork or working closely with others.

Careers I would Consider-

-Registered Nurse

- Nurse Anesthetic

- Surgical Tech.  

My Personality Traits

I am an ISFJ.

Introvert- Like to be alone, enjoy one on one, communicate by writing, reserved and private, like to focus on one thing at a time, work with ideas, learn by reflection and thinking, think do think, conservation of energies, enjoy a small circle of friends.

Sensing- Focus on what is real and actual, prefer facts and concrete, pay attention to details, observe and remember sequentially, are down to earth, learn step by step, focus on the present, rely on past experience, prefer things as they are, value practical applications.

Feeling- Prefer to sympathies with the problem, are subjective, are tender-hearted, value harmony, are compassionate and accepting, are guided by personal values, are good at complimenting, prefer to be tactful, usually take things personally, and can be seen as overemotional.

Judging- Value structure, tend to work now and play later. Like things to be settled and decided, prefer things to be organised, make lists and use them, value punctuality, prefer to have deadlines like to complete projects, are goal-oriented, value order, and like to follow timetables.


- Early Childhood development

- Nurse

- Social Worker

- Doctor

- Child Care

- Police

My Strong Skills

Skills I would like to see in my career are Manual Dexterity, Following Procedures, Science Reasoning, Safety of Others, and Decision Making.


- Nurse Anesthetist

- Registered Nurse

- Podiatrist

- Nurse Practitioner

- Anesthesiologist

My Work Value Locator

My top five would be, Achievement, Recognition, Relationships, Working Conditions, and Support.


- Pediatricians

- Nurse Anesthetist

- Physical Therapist

- Registered Nurse

- Surgical Technologist.

What I learned about Myself

I have learned that I want to go into the medical field. There are so many opportunities and different place that you can go into. With doing the assessments I have seen that some of the same careers have shown up repeatedly. By looking at that occupation I have learned that it is something I would like to go into and seems like it would be a good career for me.

By doing these assessments I was able to see and figure out what would best fit me.  It is a great was to narrow things down and really focus on what is best for you to go into when you go to college and try to pick the career path that might be best for you.

" Don't judge my choices if you don't understand my reason."

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