Both Sides of Time

By Caroline B. Cooney

Megan Boardman


Annie is a girl who lives in 1995. She is in high school and its the last day of school before summer break. She is excited to spend it with her friends but the most important thing on her mind for the summer is turning her boyfriend, Sean, into a romantic man. Sean is a grease monkey. He has several cars that he repairs himself. Sean also lives in apartments in a old mansion that is over a hundred years old. After school Annie went to see Sean at the old mansion. Sean was gathering the last of his things because the town is tearing down the old mansion. While Sean was working on his car to get it running so he could move it before the demolition of the mansion, Annie decided to walk inside and look around. She was imagining what it would have been like to live in that mansion when it was new. Soon she found herself falling through time. She ended up in 1895. Strat lived in the mansion during that time. He saw Annie appear in the mansion and she looked like a ghost. Soon she was completely visible and Strat followed her around everywhere she went trying to figure out who she was. They fell in love at first sight. When Annie arrived there was a party. That night the Matthew the butler was murdered. The maid was blamed for the murder and was sent to jail. Everyone blamed Annie for the murder, or at least thats what she thought. She slipped through time and went back home. Once she was home her mother and father were furious. She told them she had fallen asleep on the beach and thats why she never came home after school. Sean then asked where she really was and asked what boy she was with. She didn't want to tell him so she broke up with him. Later Annie fell back through time and found Strat. When she got back she realized that everyone blamed the maid for the murder not her. Strat's step mother proved the maid's innocence and she was removed from jail. Harriett was supposed to be Strat's fiancé but he left her for Annie. Harriett then decided to marry an old man named Mr. Rowells. Later Harriett finds out Mr. Rowells was the one who murdered Matthew. Annie realizes she ruined Harriett's life by taking Strat. Annie decides to leave and go back home through time. She doesn't end up home.

What did you enjoy about the book?

I enjoyed that the book had mystery, romance, and a murder story all in one. It kept the book interesting.

What is the genre of the book?

The genre is fiction.

Was the ending satisfactory? Why or why not?

I didn't like the ending. It left you hanging but the author wrote two other books called Out Of Time and Prisoner of Time.

Why would you recomend this book?

I would recommend this book because it keeps you hook all the way through. There is also two sides of time to keep track of so it never gets boring. You get to read about the two different lives that Annie lives in two different centuries.