The loss of innocence

The theme of this poem can relate back to "The Veldt". They both relate back to how children lose their innocence at such a young age and become vulnerable to temptations.

Current Event

This current events article about children shoplifting pertains to the thematic statement of children losing their innocence. Children who want something so badly will take drastic measures to get it. When children are young, they lose their innocence too soon and don't know wrong from right. They are exposed too soon to the dangers of the world. This causes kids to become rebels without even realizing what their doing may be wrong. In the article above Melissa King states on the topic of shoplifting, "Your teen is probably too embarrassed to admit why she shoplifted, but according to a 2011 article, it's generally done for excitement". Kids have become rebellious, and from their point of view shoplifting is something thrilling. This article relates back to the poem "Loss of innocence". Both explain how children grow up too fast and lose their innocence too soon. In " Loss of Innocence" it's states, "And he's forced to see the ugly side of this world". No matter who you are or where you live, you always lose your innocence just by being exposed to the world.

Connection to Fahrenheit 451

"The Loss of Innocence" and the current event article can both relate back to "Fahrenheit 451" because all 3 of these show how a child loses their innocence. In "Fahrenheit 451", the kids in their generation are rebellious and seem to have become trouble makers. Kids don't care about others and even killing each other doesn't seem as a problem to them. In a part in the book, kids try to run Montag over with their car. He states, "For no reason at all in the world they would have killed me"(122). Montag realizes that the kids were just "having fun". These kids have lost all their innocence and the sad thing is that in their society, they don't even realize it. The same goes for the children in the current events article. They seem to not care about the consequences they may cause for themselves and other people. As time goes on society seems to become more corrupt than before and children seem more drawn to crime than before. At the beginning of "Fahrenheit 451" Clarisse talks to Montag about the kids in her class. She states, "or go out in the cars and race on the streets,trying to see how close you can get to the lampposts"(27). This is what kids consider fun these days. They have lost their innocence too soon to the corrupt world and find pleasure in the wrong things.

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