Photographic History

By Owen Meyer

Westminster Abbey London

Published in January 12, 2012

for hundreds thousands the people of Westminster Abby celebrate music and ceremony. The celebration is for the English kings and queens.

Jon Carl

Post Date: September 7, 2012

I think this is important because it shows how this day we all came together and put our lives in danger to help other people. It was a horrible thing yes, but there is some stuff we can learn from this. It help strengthen our airport system, it brought us as a nation closer together.  

Author lone star mike

Posted 29 March 2010

This picture should be look at in the future because we can look back at this picture and see what Austin. Because in the future we might be on another planet, because we are talking about going to live on another planet.

Author Dom Esposite

Posted September 9, 2014

This picture should be look at because people are going to want to see the phones we used back then because they are going to be in like the iphone 25.  

Author Elisabeth Fischer

Posted 29 August 2013

this picture should be looked at because people are going to want to see what was the fastest train and maybe learn what a train is. The future people could look at this and get ideas for there own plan.

author Lukas Truckenbrod

Posted October 15 2014

I think this Picture should be looked at because it shows the compassion of music. It also shows that we should keep this festival going for as long as possible. It also shows most of Austin together.

Author Sam Reese

Posted November 2, 2001

This picture represents were video games once came from. This shows were it all started and were the graphics came from. In the future maybe pack man is gone so they could use this image to re create it.

Author Luke

Posted October 12, 2014

This picture should be look at in the future well because its a Lamborghini. No but it should be looked at because its a beautiful car and in my opinion it cant get better than this, or maybe it does and they just want to look back on what they came from.  

Author Wang Weilin

Posted June 4, 1989

This picture is extremely  important because it was one of the first pictures to actually get out of  china. And it stop the china army because it made all the other people in china help stand up for what is right.

Author Adam

Posted 07/01/2014

I like this photo because its basically where this world comes from in 2014. when ever people look at this in the future the computer will probably not be used because we have smart phones now that can do it all, so it will be nice to go back and look what the first computer started.

Author Morris

Posted Aug 18, 2009

The coke bottle is important because at one time in history coke was second to water. That means everyone in the world had to drink this at one point.

Author Eisenmann, N.Y.

Posted 1891

This picture should go down in history because its the first bike. So many things revolve around this thing because, entertainment  for the world, for example the Olympics, Marathons. All of that kind of thing and the dirt bike came from it.   

Author didn't say

Posted Sept, 17 2014

This photo should definitely be looked at because its a map of the world. The world is always growing looking different  so this map shows what the world used to look like. And the territory bounders would look different as well.

Author Jhon Koller

Posted Sep 18, 2012

This should also be looked at because it is the game consulates that blew everything up. Shaped the gaming community as it is today. Now you may not like video games but once in your life you have to play one and just realize that it was shaped by these four con-slues right here.

Author Ian Sample

Posted Friday December 30, 2011

This picture is the most important one of them all. the moon landing! This picture should always be looked at because we were the first to make it to the moon in the world and now we are talking mars! imagine what we can do in the future.

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