Images of God

Lesley Rendon

Delight of My Heart-Reflection

God is the delight of my heart. He has always been with me, ever since I was born. God will be in my life eternally. God is in my life today as a father, friend, counselor, mother, and teacher. He is with me even when I doubt him and don't have faith in him. I feel that he never leaves anyone's side, even though sometimes we blame him for things that I can imagine, he wouldn't want them to happen. God, right now to me is being a guide and counselor through being the delight of my heart. I say this because he is giving me strength and knowledge to help others and do good in my education. I feel that what he wants to say to me is that he never left my side and never will leave it because the love he has for me is unconditional. He wants to tell me that when I'm feeling lonely, I can talk to him because he will always be there, even though it may not be physically. Also, that he is willing to have a conversation with me when I may think that I have no one to talk to. He can come see through other people or miracles because he is powerful and will do anything to see me. What this image has to teach is that God is with me no matter what I did or what I am going through. He would not judge me because he accepts me for who I am.

Guiding Star- Reflection

God is the Guiding Star not only for me, but mostly for everyone who believes in him or is doubting him. He is the guiding star to me because when I am doubting him and have so many questions of why things happen, he comes and brings me hope. This God relates to my life because I have so many questions for him, but there is still a little part of me that has faith in him. He surprises everyone because he goes and responds to people in many different ways. There is no one that can replace, but there is people that are spreading his word. Like the prayer says "Without a detailed map, and full of question" I have a lot of questions to ask him, but he can only respond through others because there is no map. There isn't anyone and anything that can answer the questions we have for God or the way we feel towards him. He is justice and powerful. All he wants for us nothing, but the best. He is there to pick us up when we have fallen and lead us to a good path. He wants love to be where there is hatred. What God wants to say to me is that he will be there when everything is dark and there is no light because he will let the light shine for me. Not only this image has teach me, but many other too about God never leaving my side and always being there for me.

My Journey's End-Reflection

God is with us even at the hour of our death. Everyone is going to die, we may not know when, but that day is going to get here. We should not fear death because is going to be there for us. This God relates to my life because he is the only one that knows my journey and when it's going to end. I sometimes get mad and ask God why did that person have to die? I then understand that God doesn't make tragedies happen, he wants to help us. God just makes the people who pass away our guardian angels. God will always welcome us when we enter his kingdom. I relate to this God because everything we have will come to an end. This why we should enjoy life, do good things, and help others because everything we do either we will pay or we will be compensated. What God has to say to me is that people die not because he wants us or doesn't love us, but it is because it is part of life. The people who pass away may not be with us physically, but they are there for just like he is to protect us and be guardian angels. This image taught me that I should blame God for someone's death because he didn't want it to happen. Also, that I should not be doubting him because he knows what is best for me and knows when my journey will end.

Protect us, now and at the hour of our Death-Prayer

Beloved Father,

Forgive me for all the sins I have committed. Keep my family, friends, and myself safe. I put my faith in your hands and let you guide me. I shall not fear for you are with me. Please console those who are in pain and let your love drives us in your way.

Shining Light-Prayer

O'Holy Father

Protector of the earth give me peace, guidance, and strength. Let me see the world with eyes of love. Let there be love where there is hatred. Show the light to people who are at dark. Make your presence brighten our day when we are feeling lonely and desolated.

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