This is the Cold War Aviation artifact. Off duty air crew wore these "party suits" when they went out. This uniform was worn by a pilot 15th Tatical Reconnaissance Squadron. I love the suit because it looked liked the flash suit.


The heliplane filled many voids in capability. Beginning in the early 1950s, US military and industrial organization expended considerable resources to combine the helicopter's vertical capacity. Some have gone into production. The rest remain more complex, expensive, difficult to control, and frequently less safe. My opinion on this plane it is very useful at times

This was a instrument used in the B-24 Lady be Good. The entire machine plus the Lady  got destroyed in the Libyan Desert. It was trying to get where there was a bombing attack. After a while they lost their way to the bombing!

This is an android that went into space in the 1960's. It has joints like a human being and has sensors (senses) to focus on two or more targets. It has a creepy owl head turn function. I think this thing is best invention ever.

Early birds

Organized in 1929, the "early birds" we're an international fraternity of pioneer aviators. The eligibility requirement was a solo flight in a balloon, glider, or powered airplane before December 17, 1916. For the Europeans it was December 17, 1914. The early birds peaked at about 600 people. My opinion on the early birds is the best idea to make.

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