Seven things you don't need to know about me-from Mr Stove

The idea of these  seven things is to let us see what our likes and interests are

One of my favourite spare time loves is to get out into the hills and go tramping.

Early in the new year  5 of my friends and I flew to Stewart Island to do the southern circuit.If you click on the links you will see that their was lot of ups and downs.

Landing on the beach was very interesting.

See how small the beach looked from the air.

Made it

Another of my interests is bike riding.

In the holidays  a couple of friends and I went for a bike ride to Porangahau to get an icecream.

In the past we biked 90 Mile Beach and home from Taupo

I have a dog that is very friendly and loves to be patted .

His name is Tailor because his tail is wagging most of the time.

I have a fun car that I bring to school some times

A couple of years ago kids in my class decorated it as part of there art

I love cooking [though I am very messy]and most years the kids in my class  run a cafe'

For Christmas this year I organised a dinner for a large group of people  and it was great fun.

I am very interested in the modern approach to education that is based on the idea that we are lifelong learners who need to constantly be reviewing and upgrading our pedgodgy,and that learing should be relevant and meaningful to the consumers

I use the following aggregators to  to help in the gaining of new ideas.




and  delicious

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