by: Adin Boyd  

hello, again! my science teacher decided to assign my class a tackk about animals, and i chose to do snakes. so, rumor has it that snake scales feel slimy. well, if you have ever held a snake, you know that's nothing but a lie. they almost feel like a warm, living scaly leather belt. snakes are reptiles, and some believe they are amphibians. also, in many countries on the other side of the planet, snakes are a widespread icon of a gift left for mankind by the snake god, (there isn't such a thing.) snakes are classified into many different families or genus's, like the Elapidae, for example, contains some of the most poisonous snakes in the world.  Atractaspididae  contains the species people are most familiar with, like boas, pythons, and colubrids. (colubrids include species like rat snakes and the notoriously venomous boomslang. And so.... that ends my tackk about snakes! see ya next time, tackkers!             

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