Find the Best car rental Services in Iceland

You would be forgiven for imagining that finding the best car rental services in Iceland would be a breeze – after all, what can be so difficult about searching the net for the best car rental services in Iceland right? Well, partly – let us explain.

As can be expected, there are many car rental services in Iceland. There’s Hertz, Artic, 4x4, Budget car rental and so on. But did you know that there is a new entrant – a car rental services run by a bunch of folks willing to rent out their well maintained car and utility vehicles. As you might imagine, these are individuals come together under the banner of

Individuals they may be but they are as organized and as professional as say Hertz but with two fundamental differences – their rates are way below the lowest Hertz can come up with and, they love their vehicles enough to shower constant attention on it – the result of which, is a perfectly maintained vehicle.

So how do these guys function? You basically login at their site i.e. and select a vehicle of your choice. A fee would be calculated based on type of vehicle and number of days you require it. You pay the fee which is held in a temporary account by their organization and is released to the owner of the vehicle after you use and return the vehicle to the owner. If for some reason you or the vehicle owner cancels the arrangement, the fee is refunded. You can of course with approval of the owner, use the vehicle for longer than intended in which case you would only have to pay the difference.

Once you have selected and paid the Car Rent Iceland for the vehicle, you meet the owner at any agreed place (usually your hotel), where you may also inspect the vehicle. If you like what you see, sign the contract that the vehicle owner brings with him and basically, that’s it – you get in and drive off taking care to return the vehicle in the same condition with roughly the same amount of fuel as when you took possession of it. The contract you sign is identical to the one by say Hertz.

The whole approach is friendly which is hardly surprising considering that Icelanders are a friendly lot. Alex from San Francisco wrote in saying the owner of the 4 x 4 he had Cheapest car rental Iceland through actually doubled up as a guide and took him to see some beautiful geysers that were not mentioned in any tourist brochures. It was an unexpected bonus he loved and ended up making a new friend in Iceland.

So next time you need to visit Iceland or are planning to holiday in Iceland and need to find the best car rental services in Iceland, you can either search the net and do it the hard way or like Alex, head directly to, get yourself a great deal and maybe even some great friends.

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