Sylvia walking back through the woods to the farm with her cow Mistress Moolly
The hunter trying to get Sylvia's attention as she is walking through the woods with Mistress Moolly.
Sylvia's grandmother waiting on her in the doorway. The hunter introduces himself and asks to stay the night. Ms.Tilley welcomes him in.
Ms.Tilley offering the Hunter milk and supper.
Sylvia & the hunter sitting in the doorway talking & he mentions he's looking to hunt the white heron & will pay $10 to anybody who'll help
Sylvia takes the journey with the hunter to find the heron the next day. She admires the hunter and enjoys his company.
The next morning Sylvia climbs to the top of the lasting standing Pine tree to see if she'll see the white heron
Sylvia see's the white heron.
Sylvia returned home to the hunter and her grandmother waiting on her.She does not reveal to the hunter that she knows were the heron is

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