What if life was like Fahrenheit 451

  What would life be like if it was like Fahrenheit 451? What would happen if all books were banned and burned? This book was placed in the future with an oppressing government that burns the book. Guy Montag, a fireman that does the complete opposite of a "Real" fireman and burns the books. They burn the books so the people in the city won't  rebel against the Government, plus they thought that diversity was one cause too.

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The books sales in 2010, dramatically decreased since E-books were beginning to become popular. Book stores are shutting down, since less people buy books. The new media and E-books sales are going up, which is a big problem for Book stores.

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Books shouldn't be burned or banned because, it can change people's lives. Anne Perry, she wrote many best selling books, but when a certain film came out, her career was ruined. Multi media has the power to ruin other peoples lives, while books can help change lives. Books can be very powerful and we need to make books more aware.

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In June 2011, E-books rose about 167%, which decreased the books sales. The paperback sales are declining up to 64%. Books have been declining since 2002 to now. The Hard-cover books sales went down 31%. Every book, excluding E-books, sales went down in the mass market 22% which is almost $1.1 million. In 2009, 1.8% of book sales dropped to $23.8 billion, while paper book sales were 4% ($1 billion).
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Books are helpful to people. They shouldn't be banned, burned, or throw away. We should preserve books because, they can hold information that you can't get on the internet, or any media. Books help develop cheerful attitudes, values for every race, increase emotional intelligence and helps us live a creative life. Books sometimes forget the daily problems of life that can cause great stress to you and to others. If books were banned, for the people who are home schooled won't get any education. Books are important because, they can help everyone, anytime and they can stay with you forever.

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