Top 10 different things between FFA and Charly.

By: Sonja Bartley

1.  In the movie, Mrs.Kinnian and Charly talked about getting married.

2. Charly didn't get high in the book.

3. In the book, Charly did not go to Mrs. Kinnain's house.

4. Charly owned a motorcycle in the movie.

5. Mrs. Kinnian was engaged in the movie.

6. Algenon went to charly's in the movie.

7. In the movie Mrs. Kinnian gave Charly the test.

8. Charly never worked the dough machine in the book.

9. In the book Charly worked in the box factory.

10. In the movie Charly didn't yell at the people that where making fun of the boy in the bar.

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