Matt Galloway's Haiku Challenge

Matt Gall0way is the host of CBC's popular morning show…he recently was inspired by the following New York Times  challenge:

Matt's Brilliant Idea:  Why not do the same thing in Toronto?

Learning Goals

Your goal is:

-to create a poem that meets the parameters of a Haiku

-to collaborate with classmates and create the best Haikus about our city we are able to!

-to connect with a GTA wide contest and share your poems via twitter with all of Toronto

1) Create a Haiku: for tips on an approach to take, read this

2) Gallery Walk-read peer haikus. Choose favorite three and vote on them (Socrative)

3) Provide chosen peers with feedback to perfect forms of poetry

4) Three poems will be tweeted to Matt Galloway to see his response…you can find the relevant information at….

Let's Get At This Brebeuf-April 29 2014