Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler came to power in 1934 and was the leader of Germany throughout the Holocaust. He was born in Austria in 1889 and was the leader of the Nazi Party. Hitler was also chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945. Him and many others were the cause of millions of deaths at concentration camps. Hitler was very organized about everything, especially the way concentration camps were set up to torture and kill mainly Jews but innocent people. Most people died because of selection. If you were selected then you were taken to a shower which killed you with toxic gas or taken to taken to a furnace and burned to death. People who wasn't selection were used for work and if they got hurt working or became weaker overtime then they were killed. If they never got hurt then they would soon die from being overworked, starved to death, shot or died because of the camp being unsanitary.    

Hitler's Family

Adolf Hitler had a father named Alios Hitler. Alios had two wives before he married Hitler's mother Klara Polzl Matzelsberger. While being married to his first two wives Alios Hitler had many affairs with many different women. Adolf Hitler's mother was actually Alios's housekeeper at 16 years old before she married him at the age of 21. When Adolf was first born he was a very sick child. His father never seemed to want to raise him so Alios left it up to Klara while he went and got drunk and tended to his beekeeping which was his hobby. At the age of 14 Hitler ran away from home after having an argument with his father. After running away his father promised give him a penny of inheritance more than what the law required for running away. In later years Adolf was working at a hotel and was arrested for stealing. The consequence was a five month sentence and two years later he was sentenced eight months.

Adolf Hitler met his wife Bridget Dowling in 1909 and later married her in June 1910. They had a son named Heinrich Hitler in 1920. served in Nazi Military from 1939–1942 and died in 1942 while in service.


The Nazi Party

The Nazi Party was founded in 1919 as the German Worker Party. With Hitler in charge the Nazi Party grew steadily in its home base of Bavaria. It organized strong-arm groups to protect the events that the Nazi Party held. These groups members were formed from war veterans groups and paramilitary organizations who went by the name Sturmabteilung.The Nazi Party and Hitler eventually felt so strong that they would attempt to gain control of the Bavarian state government trying to revolt against the Weimar Republic. For the Nazi party and Hitler was attempt was a failure. Hitler was sent to prison and the Nazi party was temporarily banned.When the Great Depression happened in Germany the Nazi Party took the advantage of taking jobless people to increase their membership and voting strength. This took place from 1929 to 1932. In 1945 the Nazi Party was finished after the defeat of Germany while many of the members were convicted of war crimes.


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