Apollo is the god of the sun, music, prophecy, archery, healing, poetry, art and knowledge.

His Roman name doesn't change but some Romans refer to him as "Phoebus Apollo."

Apollo's Powers & Responsibilities:

  • Ability to play any instrument
  • Can see the future at his Oracle in Delphi
  • Healing Powers
  • Shape-shifting
  • Has the responsibility of driving the Sun across the sky with his sun chariot

Family & Relationships

  • Father - Zeus
  • Mother - Leto
  • Sister (Twin) - Artemis   
  • Children - Asclepius, Orpheous, Troilus, Aristaeus
  • Relationships - The nymphs, Cyrene and Daphne and the mortal Coronis

Apollo's symbols include the lyre, and the bow and arrow. His sacred plant is the laurel and sacred animal is the raven, wolf, dolphin, and snake.


Apollo's Fun Facts:

  1. At only four months old, he slayed the Python at Delphi.
  2. He was considered the most beloved god.
  3. He offered one of his lovers, Cassandra, the gift of prophecy but she rejected him. Enraged, he did it anyway and gave her prophecies that no one would believe.

pic by Roger Payne http://www.lookandlearn.com/history-images/A003669-01/Apollo-slaying-Python?img=

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