Crimea is a peninsula, northern coast of the black sea.Since January 2014, with the social unrest and political crisis escalated, Ukraine and Crimea question silence has become a hot spot again after more than 20 years, the Crimea to take off the black in the call for Russia's growing. Then, on March 16, Crimea held a referendum and 96.77% citizens support to join the Russian federation. Crimean parliament was officially declared its independence from Ukraine, apply to the Russian federation.

Major characters: Putin(Russia), Soviet, Oleksandr Turchinov(Ukraine’s acting President), Ukraine, Russian, and Crimean.

The social unrest and political crisis escalated of Ukraine lead this crisis happen.

The event affected all European Union, Russia, and the Unites State. Other words, it affected the entire world since Russia holds the strongest army and it's difficult to stop them. Moreover, UK and Russia both has nuclear weapons, once they got angry and trying to use the weapon, our world will be destroyed. However, I don't think they gonna use it...

Pro-Russian protesters stormed the regional building of Donetsk on April 6, 2014

Russia Invading

Separatists violence would bring risks and gains far beyond those involved in Crimea.

Eastern Ukraine is far bigger, more diverse, better integrated than Crimea.

On Monday, Ukraine’s acting President, Oleksandr Turchinov, made clear that Ukraine would not sit by as it did with Crimea and watch another Russian land grab.

“This is the second wave of the Russian Federation’s special operation against Ukraine,” said the president of Ukraine.

The map of Crimea, Russia and Ukraine

Why Crimea?

According to the news and maps, Crimea is an Ice-free port where is an everlasting dream of Russian. The port can help Russian to clamp down both the Black Sea and the trading throat between Asian and European. Moreover, Russia's economy will increase a lot. Oppositely, Ukraine will be destroyed at the same time since Ukraine invested 20% more than the whole Ukraine. In addition, according to the historical events, the relationship between Russia and Crimea influenced this fight a lot, because Russia paid a lot to own the Crimea land.

Russia fears Crimea water shortage as supply drops

Russian officials say, shortage of water resources in Ukraine's Crimean may be severely reduces the supply by the key of the canal. Moreover, Crimea's harvest of grapes, rice, maize and soya will be ruined if it does not get more water soon. Also, Crimea-Ukraine border is now officially a state border.

After Soviet has dissolved, Crimea became the part of Ukraine in 1954.

On May 5th 1992, Crimea became independent.

In 1997, Sevastopol naval port was rent to Russia for 20 years.

Four perspectives:

From functionalist view, if Russia successfully owns Crimea, their economy will increase rapidly since the location of Crimea is perfectly in the middle of the Black Sea where Asian and European proceed trading. Second, from the conflict view, countries who also want to invade Crimea might get angry and disappointed. This time, they might start a war that is 100% bad event for the world. Third, I don't think there is anything that refers to the feminist view. Lastly, from the interactionist view, the event made the most of Crimean dream come true which to be a part of homeland-Russia. It's a day-to-day activity because Crimean and Russian are the same after signing the contract. Their life will involve love, hate and cares, what is the feeling we possess everyday.

Personally, I think the economy of Russia will definitely grow up and Russia will become stronger. Also, countries that against Russia will be threatened and it's a bad scene to see. However, the Crimean's life will be better because they live where they belong to, the home. I believe our world will someday be peaceful.

By Julia Fan

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