Water Park Project Part 2
8th GRADE Math

Your Task:  In order to build your waterpark  you will need an investment of $8,000,000 from Mrs.Krill Bank.  Create a pitch and TACKK to present your park and budget to bank Krill.

You must include the reasoning and design of your water park

Include your budget
(operating costs and construction loan)
for year 1 and year 1-5

Include water park ticket price and estimated attendance

Year 1 profit after paying bills and loan
Year 1-5 profit after paying bills and loan
Year 6-10 profit after paying bills and loan

Include a graph showing your profit from year 1 through year 10

Convince me to INVEST in YOU and YOUR PARK!


Raging Rainforest
Water park EXAMPLE

By: Delaney Kramer, Rachel Judge, Corrine Karbler                             May 2015

Welcome to the Raging Rainforest

The Raging Rainforest is projected to be in the top three best water parks nationwide in 2016 by Times Magazine. As the creators of the park, we can promise a very well thought out layout for our park. Our water park was made to be convenient for all ages. The entrance and parking lot of the park is right next to the hotel, and 20 seconds away from the tube rental and first aid station.

There are two restrooms located on each half of the park, and the hotel is always open for emergencies. As for our world-famous cafe, the Cracklin’ Congo is near the bottom of the park and by an exit. We take great pride in our park and hope you enjoy all that the Raging Rainforest has to offer.

Raging Rainforest Waterpark Part 1 Picture (Tasks 1-8 turned in prior)

Park Layout

Our lazy river, The Amazon, flows throughout the park with multiple exits and entrances for your convenience. All of our four main slides, Thunder Thump, Toucan's Twist, The Anaconda, and, Tree Top Toilet Bowl, flow into one central pool. There are bridges located all over the park, so you can easily access all parts of the park. Our wave pool, Blue Lagoon, is in the far corner of the park so you can have a relaxing, noise-free, time. Tiger Falls is located right outside the hotel, at the top of the park. It holds the world’s longest water slide, Over the Rainbow that twist and turns all the way through the park.


The cost for a one day ticket to the Raging Rainforest costs $52. Season passes are $125.

The money for the tickets will be used to pay off the loans for the construction of our park, paying the employees, running utilities, and buying merchandise and food to sell. We chose the cost of our tickets to be $52 for one day because Kalahari’s tickets cost $35-59 per day, and Wild Water Kingdom tickets costs $32.99. We chose a price that was about the same as Kalahari’s tickets because our parks are very similar in size. Our park is a higher quality than Wild Water Kingdom because our water slides are projected to be one of the most favored slide in the summer of 2016.

To make our projected income, at least 79,996 people will visit our park annually. 534 people or more, will visit our park each day to meet our goals.

PROFIT for first 5 YEARS

Before bills are paid, we will have made $4,159,792 in one year. Before bills are paid in year 5 we will have made $20,798,960.

We are projected to make a profit of $159,992 in one season after bills are paid. At this rate, in 5 years we will have a profit of at least $799,960 after bills are paid. After we pay of all of our loans in 6-10 years we will have made $10,799,960.

Other Income for the Raging Rainforest

  • season passes sold ($125)
  • gift shops and cafe (prices will vary)
  • hotel ($80 per night)
  • parking ($7)
  • exotic petting zoo ($15 for adults; kids free)
  • ziplining into the Blue Lagoon ($10 per ride)
  • celebrity appearances from the Cle Cavs Clan

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