It all started in Ancient Greece...

Democracy is a political party, that is more liberal and is a larger government.

There is also Rupublican which is more conservative and is a smaller goverment.

Process of Democracy

First, residents 21 and older go to a voting booth to vote. Then people select a representatives to go and vote for them at times of voting issue. Finally, those votes go to the electoral democracy and that is used elect the president. Each state has electoral votes that go to which ever candidate gets the most votes in that state.

Rule by the People

Governor: Dennis Dugaard

Senators: Tim Johnson and John Thune

Representative: Kristi Noem

President: Barack Obama

Vice President: Joe Bidan

No Ultimate Power!

We have a system of checks and balance so no one part of the government can get out of control with too much power.

Legislative Branch: Made up of Senator and Representatives

Executive: This is the President and Vice President and the President's government

Judicial: This is the Supreme Court

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