The basics of Fishing

Do you ever want to go fishing but cant because you don't know how? Well this tackk will teach you the basics!


Here are the basics of fishing. Getting a hook out of a fishes mouth, casting the fishing rod, facts, and baiting a hook. So if you don't wan't to do those things, don't read on. Another thing is you need a tackle box. ( to put you bobbers, hooks, fake bait, and other essentials.)  

Baiting a hook

The way you bait a hook is when you get your fishing pole, hold the hook by the non-pointy part, then you get your worms, minnows, fake bait, or whatever you wan't to use. Then you put the pointy end of the hook through the back of the minnow, the any part of the fake bait, and the worm... through it's front side or back side.  

How to cast the fishing line

How to cast a fishing line is very simple, actually. All you do is firmly grasp the handle of the fishing rod with two hand's, then put your thumb's on the button, then you press the button with both thumb's, then you press the button and put the reel behind your head and jerk the reel forward.

How to release the hook  

How to get the hook out of a fishes mouth may sound easy, but really... its kinda hard. The first thing you have to do is put your thumb outside of the fishes mouth, the put your index finger in the fishes mouth and hold on to it. Then you grab the hook and pull it at a certain angle ( it depends on how it got hooked) and start pulling and wiggling. To learn more go to the next paragraph!       


One fact is fish like to eat minnows, worms, algae, stink bait, corn, hot dogs... mainly any food you can think of! Fish are mainly in oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, but not streams or creeks. Some fish have a top fin that is kinda spiky, so watch out when you're holding it!             


Reel. A devise used for fishing.      

Bait. Something to catch an animal with  a type of food to trap an animal, and /or human.

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