8 April 2014

The next day after the summer concert I went with my family in my dads car to Amapala.

The persons that were going to Amapala with us were Mis Marlene family, Gabrielitos family and Sofias Family.

There were 4 hours of driving from Zamorano to Amapala, but the only place we stop was in the restaurant of the OCOTAL to eat braekfast. We started driving at 7 oclock till 11 oclock in the morning.

When we got to the boat we started putting our baggage in the boat and got onboard. The boat owners gave us floters if we sank but that didnt happen. The suki suki thing was that the boat moved a lot when fat people got onboard.

When we got to the Hotel we leted our baggage in the room and went to the beach. We went to playa negra and ate fishes with tajaditas and a coke. Then we went to bath in the beach.

At night we ate barbicube meat and sleep calm in the hotel.