Ernest Hemingway

"A man's life told truly, is a novel."

During his early years, Ernest spent most of his time in the family's summer home. While vacationing, he explored the land he lived on. Fishing and hunting became two of his favorite past time activities. During school time, Ernest was involved in school activities and was academically stable. Once Hemingway got out of high school he decided to further his education and continued to write. His first job was set up by his uncle and he became a cub reporter for Kansas City Star. Once the United States entered World War 1, he joined the volunteer ambulance unit for the Italians. While on the front, he was wounded and spent most of his time in hospitals. When he got back to the United States, he was a reporter for the Canadian and American newspaper. During the 20's, he became a member of American's in Paris, in which he wrote his first important piece of work The Sun Also Rises. Ernest died of a wound from a shotgun in his home on July 2nd.

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