Do Online Courses Benefit Kinesthetic Learners?

Kailey Bevins, Speech Digital Tool, Bailey 3rd.

In public classes at any public school or private school that isn't online based, students work amongst their peers - just like the three students above are doing. They are learning math, as you can see from the board the middle student is drawing. In online math classes, it is very different. Let me show you.

If those same students took the same course but online instead, they would be completely by themselves. Just them and a computer screen. Stressing over something they don't understand and having nobody that you can ask about it.

In any public class at school, well, any class with a good teacher - students would learn by the teacher writing on the board and demonstrating how to do the problems. It would be easier this way because they could ask questions on a personal level. They would also be able to take live notes and if something is wrong with the notes then they can explain what is wrong with them.

This is how they would learn the same math if they took an online course. This is a real life example because this is a screenshot of the lesson I was assigned yesterday. There was no sounds on the video and when I read how to graph the inequalities on it, I didn't understand. I didn't fully understand until I had to google it. Google helped me more than my own notes did, that's bad, isn't it?

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