Blizzards are dangerous winter storms that is a combination of blowing snow and heavy winds

How Do Blizzards Form?

For a blizzard to form they need to have 3 things...

1. There will need to have cold air at the surface

2. Lots of moisture in the atmosphere

3. Need to have a good amount of lift to cause the warm air to rise over the cold air

The cold fronts are the ones that cause the blizzards. But warm air must rise over cold air in order for blizzards to form.

Historical Blizzards

In 1993 there was a blizzard in the Eastern and Central of United States. The blizzard went on from March 12th through March 14th. More than 300 people were killed and 18,000 homes were damaged.

In 1888 the East Coast of the U.S had a blizzard to March 11th through March 14th. More than 400 people were killed and there were winds that were 48 mph. It cost $25 million dollars just for property loss.

Impact on Blizzards

Things have changed over the past years. People made new models to help prepare us for blizzards. Now we have meteorologist that can help us because they can use radars and satellites to predict when a blizzard is forming and where it is so we can prepare for it. Thanks to the inventors, we have (colored) TV and if you have a TV then you can go to the weather channel and see if there will be any severe blizzard storms.


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