by: Garrett Lampert

Does jumping out of trees flipping around or flying 10ft in the air sound fun to you? If so this tackk has the info for you to help you become a successful stunt boy/girl. This tackk will teach you about the types of stunts, safety, risks and how to work with others.


In his tackk you can learn many things to spark your interest in stunts the information in this tackk will help you become the coolest person in your neighborhood and will impress many different people so read on.

Types of stunts

There are many different types of stunts this section will be talking about two of the main types of stunts vehicle stunts and jumping stunts. Vehicle stunts are very difficult to learn and to pull off. Theses stunts are also very dangerous and safety gear should be worn. This type of stunt usually consists of bikes, skateboards, scooters and other vehicles on wheels. You can also use ramps to help you get air which makes it easier to pull off tricks. Tricks are usually 360s, 180s, tail whips, flips, no handers and tons of other tricks. Jumping stunts are very different than vehicle stunts in this type of stunt you need no gear unless you need help climbing. These stunts are just as or even more dangerous than vehicle stunts if not done right. To prevent injury during these stunts you should always roll out of the jump which means after you land bend your knees slightly drop to a knee and roll over your shoulder DO NOT ROLL OVER YOUR HEAD! Bend your knees slightly when you land. Jump on to safe areas at first don’t jump off of a building on to a car the first time.


Safety is very important to all stunts. Safety precautions should always be taken such as checking screw, bolts, brakes, ramps twice. During vehicle stunts pads should be worn. Always make sure your stunt area is clear of sticks rocks and other things that could mess you up or hurt you. Always be sure to be safe during jumping stunts and landing right or you could be seriously injured.


There are a lot of risks you will be taking while doing stunts. Here is how to prevent them, take all safety precautions very seriously, slow down don’t rush into it, be serious don’t goof off. The risks you will be taking are totally worth it follow these rules and you should be fine.

Working with others

There are a lot of pros and cons to working with others. The pros are they can help you set everything up, help you double check everything, and they are there if something happens to you. Some of the cons is that they may be slower than you at double checking or setting things up so it may take longer, you may also have to teach them how to set everything up and fix things that may break.


Stunts can be really crazy there are different types of stunts, safety, risks and ways to work with others. Stunts are always going to become bigger and better with these tips you could be the next great stunt boy/girl.


Stunt: something you for a thrill or to show off

Vehicle: something used to move people throughout land space and water

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