Sir Joseph Paxton

Maker of the Crystal Palace

His name is Sir Joseph Paxton. He was born on 3 august 1803 in Bedfordshire. His life span was very long because he lived many years and in that period of time he created a lot of wonderful things. He was an English gardener, architect and a member of parliament but he was best known for the crystal palace. The crystal palace was in the great exhibition of 1851. the techniques that they use on the palace were made physically possible by recent technology that it was so advanced in manufacture of both glass and cast iron, and financially possible by dropping of a tax on glass. Out of 245 designs 2 were remotely suitable, and all would take too long to build and it would be too permanent. His very first crystal palace was inspired by Victoria Regia house. The palace was 1,848 feet long and 408 feet wide and it also needed a lot of different materials for building the palace. Quite unlike any other building it was it self a demonstration of British technology in iron and glass. He studied in England. There was not enough money for a fine education, at the age of 15 so he decided to pursue a career. He found work as a garden boy at Battleesden park. I think he was around in form 4 because a lot of people are 14 or 15 in form 3-4.

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