By Michael Brooks

In 1901 drillers hit oil in Spindletop, Texas. in less than a year texas grew a lot because of oil companies drilling for oil in Texas in the salt domes. Not many people wanted to drill in just any place must the time people only drilled where oil had been found before.

more than one town were affected by the oil boom. These towns were crowed, and dirty. Most towns didn't have pluming. Because of this many people died, and the population decreased. Many schools benefited from this "oil boom" because some oil companies paid for school football teams.

oil was used to pave roads, fuel cars, make propane, asphalt and road oil, still gas, jet fuel, motor oil, ink, and shampoo. 3 oil product I find gross are house paint, soap, and dyes.

One of the oil boom towns were Fortworth, Texas and Beaumont, Texas. More and more towns were popping up everywhere in Texas. Texans were getting little money and people who bought the land got more than land owners before did. Often a barrel cost more than a cup of clean water and the oil companies are using the oil boom to obtain more money than the driller team.

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