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  • bill nye the science guy had a goal to start a show for preteens on PBS his show started in 1991 to end in 1998 so seven years of his life he had a work ethic to do his goal

The Goal is Mars

Posted by Bill Nye

Today, The Planetary Society submitted our white paper to the National Research Council's call for "input" on human spaceflight. It's derived from work we did back in 2008 brought up to date. As you may know, I and my colleagues feel strongly that Mars is the next place for humans. We have to send people there to have a look around. Who knows what we'll discover? It will bring out the best in us. I believe exploring that world will change this one.

Please read the white paper, and let us know how you feel.

he shows cooroperation becuase he works with all the kids on the show and film makers.

bill nye has common sence asept for right now
Bill Nye has work ethic to do his goal make a show for preteens like i said

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