Earth, Moon, and Sun
By: Audrey Oleskiewicz

Mr. Klimkowski

Earth in Space

How does Earth Move in Space?

Earth moves through space in two different ways, rotation and revolution.  Earth rotates on it's axis.  One rotation of the Earth takes 24 hours, which give us our 1 day.  Earth travels around the sun in revolutions.  One revolution around the sun equals 1 year.

Earth's rotation on it's Axis.

What Causes Seasons on Earth?

Most places, besides the tropics and polar regions, have four distinct seasons: winter, spring, summer, and autumn.   The sunlight is more direct near the equator, thus it is warmer.  Near the Poles the sunlight is less direct, so the temperatures are colder.  

The Earth is on a tilted axis.  This axis is tilted 23.5 degrees away from vertical.  If the axis was vertical Earth's temperature would stay the same all thought the year, but because the Earth is tilted there are seasons.  As Earth revolves around the sun, the north end of it's axis is tilted away from the sun for part of the year and towards it for the other part.  When the Northern Hemisphere is tilted towards the sun it is warm and it's Summer.  When it is tilted away from the sun it is cold and its Winter.  Same thing in the Southern Hemisphere, but vise-versa.  

Seasons in the Northern Hemesphere

What Determines the Strength of the Force of Gravity Between Two Objects?

The distance between two objects and the masses of them, determines the force of gravity between them.  If the distance of two objects of the same mass, was small than the force of gravity would be small; if the distance of two objects of the same mass, was greater than the force of gravity would be greater.  If two of the same mass where larger than two objects of the same mass, the larger pair of objects would have a stronger force of gravity than the smaller pair of objects.

What Two Factors combine to keep the Moon and Earth In Orbit?

Inertia and gravity combined, keep the Moon in orbit of the Earth and the Earth in orbit of the Sun. Inertia is the tendency of an object to resist a change in motion.  So the Earth's gravity keeps pulling the Moon towards it, while inertia is keeping the Moon in motion.  Same goes with the Earth and the Sun, the Sun's gravity is pulling the Earth towards it, while the Earth's inertia keeps it in motion.

What Causes the Phases of the Moon?

Moonlight isn't really moonlight, it's sunlight reflecting off the moon.  The same side of the moon faces earth at all times, because the moon rotates on its axis and revolves around Earth in the same amount of time.  The moon goes through 8 phases in 29.5 days.  This cycle begins with the New Moon, and then the Waxing Crescent, the First Quarter, the Waxing Gibbous, the Full Moon, the Waning Gibbous, the Third Quarter, the Waning Crescent, and then it starts back over with the New Moon.  Theses phases happen because as the Sun illuminates a full half side of the Moon, as the Moon revolves around Earth, you see more and more, or less and less, of the illuminated side.  I tracked the moon for 17 days, click the button to see what I found!

Moon Phase Cycle, begining and ending with the New Moon

What are Solar and Lunar Eclipses?

What Causes the Tides?

What Features are Found on the Moon's Surface?


What are Some Characteristics of the Moon?

How did the Moon Form?

Let's Learn Some Fun Facts About the Moon!


I just bought a rocket from some shady guy on the side of the road!!!  I am planing on launching it to go land on the sun and live there!!!!  Come with me so we can start a colony on the sun!!!  It will be a TON of fun!!!!!

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