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Physical Geography of Sweden

During the last ice age Sweden was mostly covered in ice. By 6,000 B.C. all. of the ice melted. After the ice had melted it revealed a deeply-indented coastline that the ice had formed. It had also made islands, lakes, streams, and etc. across the country. Northern Sweden is mostly dominated by snowy mountains. Central Sweden has smaller mountains. West Sweden has heavily forested hills, with dozens of rivers and lakes. 50% of Sweden is covered in forests. There is also 100,000 lakes and around 24,000 islands.  

History of Sweden

14,000 years ago present day Sweden was cover in a very big ice cap. As ice went away humans began to populate the area. Between 8,000 B.C. and 6,000 B.C. Sweden was mostly being populated by hunters, fishers, and collectors, using stone tools. The Viking age (800-1050 A.D.) caused a lot of activity in Sweden. Vikings were sent off from Sweden to both plunder and trade along the Baltic coast. Christianity first came to Sweden when a mission led by Asgar(Viking group) in the 9th century. Sweden then converted to the religion 11th century. Many Providences separated in to single parts some were around 1000. During the 14th century trade grew rapidly. Due to a sickness called Black Death that reached Sweden in 1350, which in Sweden it made a period of economic and population decline. In 1389 Sweden, Denmark, and Norway were under rule of Danish Queen Margareta. In 1523 Gustav Vasa was elected king of Sweden. In Sweden industry started to grow in the 1890s. Then in 1900-1930 Sweden industry grew so fast that Sweden was one of Europe's top leading industrious after World War 2. The late 19th century start movements like free churches and many others. Sweden as a country is peaceful, the last war they were in was World War 1. Sweden joined the League of Nations in 1920. Sweden has been involved in many peace-making missions.             

Government of Sweden

Sweden has the same type of government that we have. In which everyone is equal. The Government governs Sweden ,but a person called a Riksdag appoints the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister choose more ministers to form the Cabinet, and also chooses which ministers do a type of ministries. Together they form Sweden's government. Their currency is called krona. 1 krona equals 0.12 US dollars.   

Population and Language

The population of Sweden is over 9.7 million people in 2015. The official language of Sweden in Swedish. Other languages spoken in Sweden are Finnish, Yiddish, Sami, Mean kieki, and Romani.   

Fun Facts

Sweden's official name is the Kingdom of Sweden.

Sweden is connected to Denmark by a bridge.

Sweden has one of the highest living standards in the world.

The creator of Mine craft is from Sweden.

Companies like Ericsson, Volvo, Saab, Koenigsegg, and other companies were made in Sweden.

Pictures of Sweden


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