Jessenia Dominguez History

This is the symbol of the Byzantine Empire.

1) Why was Jerusalem important to your group? Jerusalem was not important to Byzantine but they were concerned of being the threat of the new force. "It looked as though the armies of Islam would wipe out Christendom altogether if nothing was done, if no one raised an army to fight back."  In the battle of Manzikert, a Seljuk army destroyed the Byzantine forces and the emperor was taken prisoner.

2) The reason for the Crusades based on your group's point of view? "The Crusades happened when they did, because the Muslims had taken the holy city of Jerusalem in the seventh century. This was deeply troubling, but the Christian kings and lords could do nothing about it at the time. Western Europe at the time was plunged in the Dark Ages, and there was no sense of organization or real central government."

3) The effects of the Crusades on your group? "By the time of the Crusades in the latter 11th century Byzantium (or the Roman Empire) was no longer the power as it was. The Church had lost some prestige. Although trade flourished, the agricultural economy was weak and stagnant. The emperor did not have a well-trained military but with mercenaries hastily put together. Although the Seljuks were not a direct threat, the emperor felt the need to call for assistance. This call for help marked the beginning of the end of its power."

4) Your group's perception of other groups? "There were close contacts with the other Patriarchs in Jerusalem, Antioch, and Alexandria and other orthodox churches in the Levant. Favored by the religious tolerance of Islam, these contacts were even maintained in times of war."

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