Henry Ford

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Things you probably didn't know:

  • Henry Ford did not invent the car
  • He did though make the first car in America
  • Germany was the first country to produce automobiles
  • His first car was a wooden box with four small spoke wheels, and was named the Quadrocycle
  • Henry's mother died when he was a young child
  • Born July 20, 1867- April 7, 1947

Family members

  • His wife was named Clara Ford
  • Edsel Ford was his son
  • William Ford was his father
  • Mary ford was his mother

Significant events

  • A ten mile race won by Henry brought investors attention to young Ford
  • After little more success following fords race investors refused to fun Henry any longer
  • Later after Henry had began to aspire he bought most of his companies stocks from his business partner making him the lead Shareholder


  • The 1901
  • The Model-A
  • The Model-L
  • The Model-B
  • The Model-N


  • Henry Brought an evolution of vehicles to America
  • Henry opening factories began to give many Americans jobs


Henry's childhood was like every others at the time. He worked with his father on the farm and did his chores, but one day he saw a steam powered train and became fascinated with the mechanics. From that day he always tinkered with certain items, and began to think of ideas.

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