skills and characteristics you need to work in the IT industry

what technical knowledge might you need in an IT job?

There are many different technical knowledge you need in an IT job. For example to be a computer game developer you would need to have experience and software skills to become a computer game developer, you will need to be creative and imaginative. Also you would need to be able to work under pressure and finish work before the deadlines.

what working procedures would you follow in an it job?

  • everyone must have a some knowledge on health and safety.
  • everyone must have breaks otherwise their eyes will strain, Also it is bad for you to sit at a computer all day.
  • not to copy anybody's  work because its  called copy rights and its against the law.
  • no hacking

what are the health and safety issues might you come across?

  • straining your eyes  
  • back and neck strain
  • headaches and migraines
  • tripping over wires
  • poor quality equipment
  • equipment not being positioned correctly  
  • fires if to many plugs into a single mains outlet
  • covering air vents on the laptop can cause the laptop/computer to blow up the laptop

This is caused by;

  • working in a cramped work space,
  • not sitting up right in you chair,
  • brightness of your screen
  • incorrect positioning of the computer screen.
  • working in a room with bad lighting
  • dirt on computer screen
  • using computer with glares and flickers
  • to many wire lying around

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