My life under the microscope

I find it crazy the level of detail Nicholas Felton keeps track of in his day to day life. Every year he posts new info graphics about certain things in his life he kept up with throughout the year. I looked at the reports in 2005 the work vs. play and the 2012 report on food. The ones I find the most interesting and would probably keep track of in my own life are the ones about what he ate and the ones about how much he was working or playing. Im sure if I kept track of my food I wouldn't like what I find. There is a lot things I eat I probably shouldn't. Maybe I should make an info graphic showing the bad things I ate vs. the good things. I also like how he kept track of his time of work vs. play. I think if i did that would keep track of what I did during leisure time like something constructive vs. completely lazy. All in all found the info graphics interesting some a little hard to read but very interesting.