A Bend In The Road

By Nicholas Sparks


Miles Ryan: A widower,deputy sheriff in New Bern NC and father of jonah
Sarah Andrews:Divorced,jonah’s 2nd grade teacher and miles “friend”
Missy: miles wife who died by a hit and run accident when jonah was young
Mauren Andrews: sarah’s mom
Brian Andrew: Sarah’s brother and missy’s killer


The Bend in the road by Nicholas sparks is taking palce in a quiet little town in North Carolina during the hot summer month


Miles life seemed to end the day his wife was killed in a hit-and-run accident two years ago. Missy had been his first love, and Miles believes she will be his last. As a deputy in the North Carolina town of New Bern, Miles not only grieves for Missy, but also longs to bring the unknown driver to justice. Then Miles meets Sarah Andrews. Jonahs second grade teacher, Sarah had left Baltimore after a difficult divorce to start over in the gentler surroundings of New Bern.
Sarah and Miles reach out to each other. Soon they are both laughing for the first time in years . .and then fall in love. Neither will be able to guess how closely they are to a shocking secret—one that will force them to question everything they ever believed in . . . and make a heartbreaking choice that will change their lives forever.
That sarahs brother brian is the one that killed missy in a hit and run accident.

Most exciting or terrifying parts of the book

The most exciting moments in this book for me were when miles and sarah meet and how nicholas describes every date every moment with each other with such great deatil. that makes the reader not want to stop reading. also when brian yups in the story trying to tell his truth because he cant hind it anymore.


The resolution in A Bend On The Road Would Be that brian confesses to his sister sarah of what he has done because he cant keep it a secret any longer. Sarah goes with brian to tell miles of what has happened after two years miles knows the truth but its too late for him and sarah to safe their relationship no matter how much they love each other.

Personal Response

I really enjoyed this book im not a big reader but this book definatly grabed my attention it had a lot of detail alot of intense moments i though it was a very sensitive loving story , romantic in a way. Very fun book. I encourage everyone to read it, its a wonderful story..

Bookreport By:Melissa Garcia

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