Janissa Romano

My name is Janissa Romano, I'm a student at Girard High school. I like to dance, write, play softball, and also play volleyball for pleasure, and sometimes i play basketball with my neighbors outside. Sports..for instance, softball i have been playing for 8 years now. I am puerto rican and Dominican. My mother is puerto rican and my father is Dominican. I am extremely proud of my culture and heritage i find it very fascinating to learn different things about my ancestors. My best subjects in school are history or geography and English. One last interesting fact about me is that i am in a "crew" with my cousins and some other friends and we dance in front of big crowds of people yearly.

3 Things about me...

One thing that represents me is softball. I have been playing softball for 8 years and i have loved it all my life, ever since i was a little girl. My best position is short-stop because i'm very fast on my feet and i can throw fast and level. So basically saying that have a nice arm. But i love the sport i will never stop playing. My mom always said pursue your dreams and my dream is to keep playing softball. I think i will never stop playing softball, nothing can stop me, well the only thing that will stop me from playing softball is if my legs get amputated for some reason or i get hurt really bad.

Another thing that represents me is dancing. My definition for dancing is Freedom, because when i dance i feel free, i feel safe and when i dance i hear nothing, it's silent. The reason why i hear silence is because i feel the passion and emotion in the music. I love the feeling of dance. I love the sound of music. I come from a long line of dancers. My whole family is Hispanic so we love to dance. If we could we would dance all day and everyday.

The last thing that represents me is music. Is kind of the same as dancing but music brings out all my emotions and how i feel. I don't listen to the same music as a lot of people in girard. Since i'm Hispanic im constantly listening to Spanish music. It helps me when im stressed. Music can help me with all my problems because it is pretty much the only thing that can calm me down.

Where i would like to go..

Somewhere i have always wanted to go was Paris, France. The reason why i have always wanted to go there is because i want to see the Eiffel tower. I have always found the Eiffel tower very beautiful and interesting. I hope when i grow up i can get a ticket with my friend or someone that is in my life at the time to Paris, France.

3 goals...

One goal that i would like to accomplish is being able to graduate high school with honors. The way i'm planning on trying to accomplish this goal is by working really hard in school. And also study very hard for test and any other assignments i have.

The second goal i would like to accomplish in life is being able to get a good job when get out of school. The way i plan on doing is when i am an upperclassman i will start looking for jobs so i will be ready when i graduate to earn money and earn tuition for college.

Finally,  the last goal i would like to accomplish is going into a very nice college that is suitable for me. They way i will try and do that is by either doing work very hard and try to earn a scholarship or just try my best to get into a good college.

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