The Glass Castle

A life of jeanette walls

Self Sufficiency!

  Jeanette uses self sufficiency throughout the story. She got a job to save up money for new york. She started to do the school newspaper to prepare her for her future life.


  Jeanette showed much responsibility throughout the story. She took care of Maureen and Brian. She sacrificed her bus ticket to New York so Lori could go. She went to an ivy college even though she wanted to stay at her job.


Jeanette is cooking hot dogs when she burns herself. She is taken to the hospital and stays there for a few days but then her dad, Rex Walls does the skedaddle and takes her out.

                                                                     Rising Action

The action starts to pick up when Rex decides its time for the family to move. After that they start moving around the country from Phoenix to Welch.


The climax occurs when Lori leaves for New York. After that Jeanette follows and soon after Brian did. eventually dad, mom, and Maureen move to New York but they become homeless.

                                                                   Falling action

The falling action was when Maureen stabbed mom and ended up going to court. She eventually moved to California and the family would not hear from her for a long time. After that Rex died and the family grieved.


The resolution was when the family ended up all in New York. Brian became a police officer, Lori a painter, and Jeanette married and bought a farm. The story ended when they got together for thanksgiving and gave a toast to Rex who had died.

                                                                     Rex Walls

Rex was the father of the narrator and a extremely smart man. He had been planning on building the Glass Castle for his family but never got the chance. He ended up dying in New York after years of drinking and smoking.

                                                                              Brian Walls

Brian is the brother of the narrator and moved to New York with her. He spent his childhood moving around just like the narrator and eventually came with her to New York and became a police officer and got married.


The family moved all across the southern U.S from phoenix to welch.

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