Demo Darlings

Our middle name is demo

Demolition: It's good for the soul.

About a month ago, my best friend/ roommate/ sorority sister and I put our strength to the test with some old fashioned demolition. We took down walls, tore up floors, and cleaned up the big mess at the end. Other than tiring, the experience was liberating. Not only because this is commonly seen as a man's job, but because it is a very one track mind task.

In college, we are bombarded with balancing papers, work-study jobs, a social life, and enough sleep to do it all over again the next day. Looking at a room and somebody telling you to destroy it made our eyes initially roll, but when we started we were shocked. When you are expected to keep every aspect of your life in mint condition, making a mess of it felt incredible. When we started ripping up the linoleum floors, we realized the amount of fun we were about to have that afternoon. Any anxiety, aggression, and stress from the near approaching finals were physically taken out (we are not gym goers). Sometimes crying with a bottle of the adult kind isn't the best solution, although turned to far too often (but whatever-it's college). Amongst the blank slate room, we found that our minds matched. And the best part? Our uncle paid the bar tab for our hard day of work.