the northern gateway project

The company Enbridge is trying to build a pipeline that starts at Bruderheim, Alberta to Kitimat B.C. and then it goes on oil tankers to China to sell for money.  the movie stand do not want the oil tankers because the oil tankers would pass by haida gwaii and it would ruin the beauty of their nature.

Norm Hanns journey

Norm Hann is a paddle boarder who paddle boarded across the coast of haida gwaii.  he paddle boarded 350 kilometers.and it took him a long time.  He paddle boarded 350 kilometers because he didnt want the northern gateway pipeline project to go close to Haida  gwaii because if there was an oil spill it harm there territory and the animals like the spirit bear,salmon,dear and all there animals in there territory.

Oil spill

If there was an oil spill it could ruin their habitat/territorry and it would cost 10 bilion dollars to clean all  the oil  up and it would also be hard to clean it up.  and you would not be aloud to swim in the ocean at all.  The animals could die because it would not be fresh water because there would be oil in the water.


I do not  think the northern gateway project is a good idea because if theres an oil spill it would become a really big problem because it could cause a oil spill and it would harm nature and people would not want to swim because there would be oil in the waters.

This is a spirit bear that you would find in haida gwaii.

this is Ralph the surfer dude.  just kidding.

this is another photo of Ralph

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I like your conclusion. You are missing 1 more paragraph before your conclusion paragraph. Please check your punctuation and make sure you do not start sentences with but or and. Keep up the good work!