Clipper Ships

This invention is a large sailboat. The Clipper Ship was invented in 1812 by John W. Griffiths. It was a sailing vessel that was used to transport goods for trade across large bodies of water.The positives of this sailboat was it was fast and it could ship things quicky. It was also good because it didnt polute the air. Anegative of this boat was that is was used to trade salves in the South. The large sails catch the wind and this makes the ship move foreward. These ships were very fast moving at an average speed of 19mph. They weighed anywhere from100 tons to 4000 tons and carried up to 1500 tons of cargo.

This is a modern day Clipper Ship. It is sometimes used to transport good and sometimes it is used just for sailing.The impact this boat had on the South eas that it was used to take trade from other place to the South it was used for the same perpose in the North. #industrialrev #kettner

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