Top Ten Internet Safety Rules

1. Keep your identity a secret.

2. Learn the dose and don'ts of the internet.

3. Don't talk to strangers.

4. Never met a stranger from the internet in person

5. Talk to people you know

6. Don't open ads

7. Don't go to chat rooms

8. Tell your parent if some one is sending you inappropriate pictures

9. Don't send out privet pictures

10. Be carful what you say

All rules are by Debra Fulghum Bruce PhD, NetNanny Michigan Department of Attorney General.

You should fallow these ten rules because they can keep you and every body safe. these rules were from high recommendation web sites. Here is a really good reason every time you go on the internet you think your safe. You are wrong. There are people on the internet that can hurt you. So that's why my rules are important.

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