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Persuasive Essay

Our world is filled with good and bad people and a lot of the people in this world are bad nowadays. I believe that a good person is someone that will help others whenever they need help.

Good people can help and keep people safe such as cops, firefighters, and doctors but nowadays most cops are corrupted bow because they believe they have all the power to control an individual because they are the law. However they are some cops that actually aren't corrupted and they actually follow the rules. they help the people that are in need and there should be more cops like that so that we the people can feel more safe.

Good people can make the world a better place because they can help others in need and take care of our planet. Taking care of our planet will make this world a better place and we can save our planet. Good people can save the planet by stoping deforestation and recycle and maybe that doesn't sound like a lot but in reality its a big deal. some people don't care about the world but i believe that good people do care for our world.

Although there are some bad people, they think they're but in reality they might not even be good by the way they act. they need to change their ways and should start treating people with some respect and treat them with kindness. Even though the person might not feel like if they're bad but maybe the actions they do is bad and they believe that is good.

Our society is filled with both good and bad and i believe that there should at least more good people in this world. with more good people in our world they can help keep this planet safe and help this world. i believe that people can change so at least they can at least try to change and be good.

Letter of Recommendation

Josh Ramirez

Zoologist/Blakes Lotaburger

loves the outdoor,loves animals, outdoor person, athletic, not afraid to get dirty, workable, loves taking care of animals, confident, respectful, not shy, is a people person.

To whom it may concern

Ive known Josh Ramirez for about 9 years now and he is a very kind hard working person and has been such a great friend. Im writing this letter of recommendation for Josh Ramirez because I've known him for quite some time and i know what he is capable of.

Josh always focuses on his work and would always get A's and B's. he will always try his best for anything and will never give up no matter what the task is.

When Josh was working at Blakes Lotaburger he became the top manager in the company and always made sure that the fast food restaurant look wonderful. Whenever someone needed help he would always give the customers the best service anyone can ask for.

Josh also loves being outdoors and thats why i think this will be the best for him and you company. He loves animals and taking care of animals. he isn't afraid to get dirty and will always try his best to complete his job.

I believe that Josh will be a big help to you and the company. Josh is such a hard working person and this job will be the best for him. i recommend Josh Ramirez to this job and i guarantee that he will be a great help to you and your company

Yours Truly/ Johnny Silva / CEO of WWE

Letter of Intent

May 18 2015

Josh Ramirez, Zoologist/ Mammals/

4848 Cider Park

El Paso,Tx 79936

Dear Josh Javier Ramirez

Well i have a lot of skills that are used for this job. I've done some Land Surveying myself with my dad. i love to work in the outdoors no matter what the weather or temperature. I am also very active and not shy to meet new people.

I would like to work for with you and your company because I've done this before with my dad and he's taught me everything he knows about land surveying. Plus i love working outdoor and this job is mainly in the outdoors so i believe this is the best job for me.

I would love to work with you and your company and to me it would be a privilege working with you. i believe that i have all the requirements for this job and i am ready to start as soon as possible.


Johnny Silva


Johnny Silva/ (915) 849-9100/ 3771 Paire Rose/ FeartheSpear.com


my objective is to have a good payment why I'm a landsurveyer


i went to Jane A Hambric for both elementary, and middle school for 8years and I'm attending now at El Dorado 9th Grade Academy . Ive received A&B honor roll for every year, Graduated both elementary & middle school, treated teachers with respect


Ive worked with my dad at Topographic, I've helped out in a retirement home, worked in a animal shelter.


well I love working outdoor (any kind of weather) I'm athletic, I'm confident, not shy, and very respectful

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