Loving V Virginia

Casey, L

As of by the case of loving v Virginia its about a couple one white male and colored female ho wanted to get married but they wouldn't allow two different colored people get married because they didn't think it was right which is bizarre don't we have our freedom rights well i guess we still don't in this case because two different colored people cannot get married? That's why they had a court case for it to fight for there right to get married like many colored fought for there free rights they are trying to fight for there equal rights too. `And did you know the man got arrested for marrying her his name was Richard and her name was Mildred. and she got pregnant at the age of 18 the reason they were arrested and charged was cause they moved to Virginia and it wasn't a legal right to have there. but this case was started on April 10, 1967 and ended June 12, 1967 the case ended with them winning they were able to stay together and share there love they also granted the freedom for all interracial couples across the US so this couple fought to be together despise there color differences and helped many people across the US to have love like theirs and they never gave up and they won their case.

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