From the Beginning

Publishing class has had to have been the most intriguing classes I have ever walked into every day all year long. In this class we have been more than the original classroom environment. We have laughed, cried, and worked together. We have stressed over deadline, and celebrated over deadline. From day one we have been closely knit as the class that gets one of the most important things done. A Yearbook. In this class we have created something that makes history. Its not just any book. It is a book that people look back to 10, 20, 30 + years from now. They see what our hard work and dedication has made. They see how it has really payed off. They see that what its like to be a publishing class, and pull off an incredible piece of history.

Our Humor

Despite how serious we are with our work, we sometimes break off and have a little fun. What? You've never modeled for about 20 seconds? Well then its obviously time for  you to join Yearbook! Not only is it a class of hard-work and dedication, it is a class of fun spirits and inside humor.

Field Trips!

Remember when you took field trips in elementary school? And it kinda ended when you got in high school? Not in yearbook! There has been multiple days where the yearbook staff was lucky enough to break away from the school environment and take a trip to multiple Publishing Conferences and Journalism Conferences. Not only were the trips exciting, they were fantastic bonding moments for the Publishing Team. Not only did we take in and learn all the information about Publishing and Journalism, we also learned about each other.

Hard Work and Dedication Pays Off!

Through out the year we have broken our backs to create something that the people of this school will see. And Love!! As they always say, hard work and dedication pays off, and this is such a true statement! But naturally we don't stop there, we take our well deserved breaks! And soak up the amazing year we have had together.                                                                              

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