NCGP Senior Project

By: Patrick Battle
"The Inspiration Of Jazz In Hip Hop"

What is Jazz?

Jazz is a type of music of African American origin by improvisation, syncopation, and a usually forceful rhythm.

What is Hip Hop?

Hip Hop is an urban culture of the youth that is expressed through fashion and music.

Do they relate?

In many ways more than usual myself, alongside some others, believe they do.

How does this show?

In my documentary, the goal is to show through different ideas and point of views that the famous genre, Jazz, has had a major impact of what we now recognize as Hip Hop. This will be shown through different artists/musicians by the form of interviews and music.

Featured Peers?

In my documentary, I decided to use my fellow peers from Nash Central High School to show there talents in Jazz or Hip Hop. These wonderful students are Desmond Whitehead and Danny Cooper. It involves participation by our great band director himself, Leo Nieves. Also, as you may see in my photos below, fellow peers took the initiative to help out filming while I had the camera or vise versa.

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