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Edu 210

App#1 - Anatomy Bundle

The anatomy bundle app is great for high school - post secondary education students in learning the basic physiology of the human body. This app contains small, easily manageable chapters as well as flashcards and self assessments that students can use while on the go, or as supplementary material!

App #2 - Fitness FREE!

As a Physical Education minor, I find that having access to various workouts, calorie counts, journal progression, etc is a great way to ensure your fitness needs are met. Students can use this app to map their fitness journey throughout their phys ed class, or use it at home to meet their individual goals during summer break!

App #3 - Earth 3D - Amazing Atlas

Ok... how cool is this?!?!?! This app allows you to view the world in 3D, and look up bits and pieces of history from around the world! This app contains geographical and political mapping, over 800 photos for the savvy traveller, and the best part? This app doesn't require internet access! This is a great app for students to use when completing a project for social students or geography, or for teachers to implement in their classroom for interesting facts for their student at the press of a button!

App #4 - Daum Equation Editor

If you are anything like me and struggle with Math.... and I mean any kind of math, this app is for you. This app is a great resource for students to use inside and outside of the classroom, as it helps them memorize and utilize vital equations in a mathematical setting. Student's essentially have a teacher's assistant at their fingertips to assist in hard-to-solve problems, that is easily navigable and... FREE!

App #5 - TranslateIt!

In this centuries classroom, ESL is increasingly more common and both students/teachers face some harrowing obstacles. This app helps translate a variety of different languages, and can act as a great tool for students who are learning the English language by providing them with support in the usage of grammar, syntax, etc. The best part? There is an app that is available for students, and an app that is available for teachers that they can use in collaboration with one another to provide the best learning experience! Click Here to view a TranslateIt! Demo

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