More Than One Border

During my junior year of high school the presidential election was occurring, and I took a high interest in an issue that affects America tremendously today. I wrote my Capstone paper on the opposing immigration views and policies between President Obama and his former opponent, Mitt Romney. To further extend my knowledge on this topic, I decided to create a documentary of real life stories from various experiences of different immigrants. With President Obama getting reelected I wanted to learn how different people felt about the way the United States operates their immigration system. I made it a priority to capture the emotional opinions of all of the people I interviewed. I believe my film showcased the authentic viewpoint of immigration.

My final product is a 35 minute long documentary. This was an incredible learning experience in many ways. I had the opportunity to experiment with movie editing, which was something I was not good at. I expanded my knowledge on what immigration really means, and I feel tremendously privileged to have been able to work with extraordinary people.

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