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Early Life And Career

  • Juan Peron - (Born - Growing Up):
  • Juan Peron. He was one of Argentine president. Juan born on October 8, 1895. Born in Lobos, Argentine. Juan wasn't very much as a big student he was one like a lower - middle - class - youth of Argentine. Then when he turn 16 he went to military school. And made some more progress through the officer ranks. Six foot tall dude became a champion fencer of the army and a fine skier and boxer. He served Chile and went to Italy to observe the Nazi's during 1938. He return to Argentine in 1941 with the knowledge to achieve the rank of colonel, and joined the United Officers Group (UOP). The regime of the following three years came increasingly under the influence, who was request to himself only the minor post of secretary of labour and social welfare. In 1944, Peron became minister of war and then vice president.

Marriage: Juan Peron & Eva Peron

  • It was a early October 1945, Peron was ousted from his positions by a coup of rival army and navy officers. But he was associates in the labour unions rallied the workers of greater Buenos Aires and then he was released from custody on Oct 17, 1945. That night the balcony of the presidential palace, he addressed 300,000 people and his address was broadcast to the country radio. He promise that he will lead his people to victory and promise them that he will created a strong just as a nation. Then a few days later he married Eva Duarte.
  • After a campaign market by repression of the liberal opposition by the federal police and strong-arm squads, Peron was elected president in February 1946 with 56 percent of the popular vote.

Rule And Power

  • Peron set Argentina on a course of industrialization and state intervention in the economy, to calculate to provide greater economic and social benefits for working class. He also adapted a strong anti-United States and anti-British position, preaching the virtues of his so called "Social Justice" and "Third Position" an authorized populist between communism and capitalism.
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Later On His Life

  • In September 1955, Juan Peron was driven from office and into exile by a confederation of military. He fled. He continue political influence. Peron return to Argentine. He won a special presidential election and installed his new wife (after the death of Eva Peron) to vice president.

Shout Out

  • Juan Peron was a good leader because one of his achievements was that he was elected three times as president. Juan Peron and his wife Eva were immensely popular among a portion of the Argentine people and still considered iconic figures by followers of the Peronist Party.


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