Addie Tincher                                                                                                       6th Period

There was once a mouse named Whiskers. Whiskers lived in a hidden burrow on a popular dairy farm. The dairy farm was known for their delicious, yellow cheese that Whiskers loved more than anything else. Whiskers was known for his fast speed, and sneaking out every day to steal some cheese for dinner. It was a nice, sunny day and Whiskers stomach was growling for a snack. Whiskers knew the exact path to find the perfect cheese and darted off from his home.  Whiskers scurried at an increasing, fast, and constant rate of 5 meters per second for 25 meters to the exact spot where his preferred cheese was. This only took him 5 seconds, considering how fast and hungry he was. Once he arrived at that point, he grabbed the piece of fresh cheese with his little mouth and headed back towards home. He started off at a decreasing, slow, steady pace, because he was trying to run and eat at the same time. He went like this for nearly 2 seconds and then went faster towards home then before. When Whiskers was only 15 meters from home and 8 seconds into his trip his friend, Rachel the Rat, stopped him immediately on his path to discuss how much cheese he had taken in the past week. Whiskers stood still and was embarrassed to say that so far this week he had had a whole block of cheese! They stood there and talked for a few minutes before Whiskers headed back home.

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