Whatever happened to Java

by Mike Jericho Ntamoulakis

Java, everybody hates it (each one for their own reason) but nobody can live without it and because its a delicate piece of code with many updates its certain that something it can go wrong very often and quick enough.

For instance java doesn't like always the UAC (user account control) or traces of older versions and updates, java also doesn't always like the online installer plus if you try to delete an older version manually you should remember to activate the show hidden files from folder options, delete both java and sun subfolders and yet you could find out that the java entry in add remove programs still remains intact while the installer shows the wizard was interrupted before java update could be completely installed :/

Well... have no fear cause Singular Labs JavaRa is here :)

JavaRa is an effective way to deploy, update and remove the Java runtime environment.

Just run it with administration privileges, uninstall, update or reinstall with a single click and you are done in a minute (but don't forget to do a full restart on each step cause otherwise the proccess will fail)